The Mindful Growth Initiative is pleased to announce our Purpose + Belonging Informed Educators.

During Fall 2021, educators attended a series of workshops to learn about the science of purpose and belonging, to define their own purpose as people and professionals and to learn to infuse evidence-based best practices directly into their work with students.

Tim Klein, an award-winning urban educator, clinical therapist, school counselor and writer, facilitated this workshop series. Tim has spent the last decade working intensively with marginalized and underserved students to empower them to pursue meaningful and fulfilling lives. Tim is a former teaching Fellow at Harvard University and is the project lead for the True North Program at Boston College. His co-authored book, How to Navigate Life, The New Science of Finding Your Way in School, Career, and Beyond is available on Amazon.

  • Workshop One: An Introduction To Purpose + Belonging 
    In this interactive workshop, educators were introduced to the four core elements of purpose and how purpose can be used as a shared language to build powerful relationships with students.
  • Workshop Two: Exploring The Personally Meaningful 
    In the second workshop, educators personalized the second pillar of purpose by considering: What do I find personally meaningful? They explored the science of personality strengths and universal human skills and learned how to integrate them inside and outside the classroom.
  • Workshop Three: Going Beyond The Self 
    In the final workshop, educators articulated the final pillar of purpose by considering: What’s the positive impact I want to make? They explored the science of prosocial intentions and how advantages and adversity inform our desire to do good in the world.

Stay tuned for additional professional learning opportunities focused on Purpose + Belonging!